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compiled by Guido Weisshahn


Welcome! This site contains a nearly complete listing of comic stories by Eddie Campbell. For those of you who have visited earlier, the index has been extended beyond the BACCHUS saga. It now covers the autobiographical ALEC stories as well as FROM HELL and any other comic stuff Mr. Campbell has done so far (at least of which I know anything).

Clicking on the links on the left will lead you to the particular stories. The covers indicate the books that contain the respective story. The stories are numbered continuously as far as they have been reprinted in collected form, otherwise the numbers indicate the place of the story in the story arc or the chronological order. FP indicates the first place a story was printed, RP stands for reprint. The publication dates might not be correct in some cases.

Big thanks to Jonathan Baylis for a bunch of cover scans from rare issues.

All art is © Eddie Campbell, 1973-2019. If your browser is CSS- and Java-enabled, you can browse the site with the implemented Hierarchical Menus by DHTMLab which I think are pretty neat. If you like what you find here, feel free to Email me. Cheers,