Various Comics

This page collects works written and/or drawn by Eddie Campbell over the course of his career for various publishers outside Bacchus, Alec and From Hell. Please contact me if you have further information to add to this list.

Horror Story: Bloodied Waters
written and drawn by Eddie Campbell
b/w, 1 page, dated 4/87

Taboo Especial
FP Taboo Especial
Spiderbaby/Tundra 1991
drawn by Phil Elliott (#1) and Paul Grist (#2 & 3)

Lucifer #1 Lucifer #2 Lucifer #3 Lucifer TPB
Hi, I'm Lucifer
b/w, 24 pages
Harrier Comics 7/90
Lucifer, The New King Of Hell
b/w, 24 pages
Harrier Comics 8/90
The Apocalyptic Monster Show
b/w, 24 pages
Harrier Comics 9/90
Lucifer TPB
b/w, 74 pages
Harrier Comics 12/90
Catalyst: Agents of Change
co-written by Pete Ford
drawn by Tim Hamilton, Eric Battle and Steve Carr
inked by Shane Glines
coloured by James Sinclair, lettered by Clem Robins

Catalyst #1 Catalyst #2 Catalyst #3 Catalyst #4 Catalyst #5
Catalyst: Agents of Change #1
Behind the Golden Curtain
colour, 24 pages
Dark Horse 2/94
Catalyst: Agents of Change #2
colour, 24 pages
Dark Horse 3/94
Catalyst: Agents of Change #3
Golden Day
colour, 22 pages
Dark Horse 4/94
Catalyst: Agents of Change #4
And so Are Myths Made
colour, 22 pages
Dark Horse 5/94
Catalyst: Agents of Change #5
colour, 22 pages
Dark Horse 6/94
Hellblazer: Warped Notions
drawn by Sean Phillips

Hellblazer #85 Hellblazer #86 Hellblazer #87 Hellblazer #88
Hellblazer #85
The Delicate Power of Terror
colour, 24 pages
DC/Vertigo 1/95
Hellblazer #86
The Everything Virus
colour, 24 pages
DC/Vertigo 2/95
Hellblazer #87
The Shout
colour, 24 pages
DC/Vertigo 3/95
Hellblazer #88
Mountain of Madness
colour, 24 pages
DC/Vertigo 4/95
Will Eisner's The Spirit: The New Adventures

Spirit #2 Spirit #7
The Return Of Mink Stole
FP Spirit: The New Adventures #2
written by Neil Gaiman
colour, 10 pages
Kitchen Sink 4/98
The Pacifist
written with Marcus Moore
drawn with Pete Mullins
colour, 8 pages
Kitchen Sink 10/98
The Devil's Footprints
written by Eddie Campbell and Marcus Moore
drawn by Eddie Campbell and Pete Mullins
colour, 5 pages

No pic yet Bacchus #53
FP Heavy Metal
RP Bacchus #53-57
Eddie Campbell Comics 6-12/00
Prologue: 1949
written by Neil Gaiman
coloured by Matt Hollingsworth
colour, 3 pages

No pic yet
FP Legends Of The Green Flame
DC 11/00
The Art of the Deal
written by Walter Simonson
5 pages, undated

Orion #19
FP Orion #19
DC Comics 10/01
Supreme Confessions
written by Joe Casey
8 pages (of 44), undated

Uncanny X-Men #400
FP Uncanny X-Men #400
Marvel Comics 12/01
Who Erased the Eraser?
drawn by Hunt Emerson
7 pages, undated

Bizarro Comics
FP Bizarro Comics
DC 2001
Batman: The Order of Beasts
Co-written by Daren White
48 pages, undated

Batman: The Order of Beasts
FP Batman: The Order of Beasts
DC Comics 7/04

Marvel Knights: Captain America - Requiem
written by Robert Morales

Captain America #27 Captain America #28
FP Captain America #27
Requiem, Part 1
colour, 22 pages
Marvel 07/04
FP Captain America #28
Requiem, Part 2
colour, 22 pages
Marvel 08/04
A Day in the Life of The Flash
drawn by Paul Grist
coloured by Phil Elliott
5 pages, undated

Bizarro World
FP Bizarro World
DC 2005
A Fair To Remember
written by Daniel Best
12 pages, undated

Escapist #6
FP The Amazing Adventures
of the Escapist
Dark Horse 4/05
Gotham Emergency
co-written by Daren White, art by Bart Sears
44 pages, undated

Legends #200
FP Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight #200
DC Comics 2/06
The Fat Sheila Hit Me
written by Peter Doyle
7 pages, undated

DeeVee 2007
FP DeeVee 2007
DeeVee Press 7/07
6 pages, dated 5/15

The Tipping Point
FP The Tipping Point
Humanoids 2/16