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Paul Grist's primary focus is on his creator-owned series Kane. Appearing since 1993, the black and white comics tell the story of Detective Kane of the New Eden Police Department. He resumes his job at th 39th precinct after a 6-month absence following his shooting of his corrupt former partner Dennis Harvey. Since Harvey had a lot of (probably also pretty corrupt) friends in the department, Kane has to deal with a lot of trouble from his fellow officers, as well as from his arch nemesis, New Eden's crime boss Oscar Darke.

Kane is absolutely unique in contemporary crime comics in terms of both writing and art, and instead of failing to give a sensible description I asked Paul for permission to publish a short promotional story he did some years ago. It summarizes the main plot and showcases some of his remarkable visual storytelling techniques. You can read it online.

The complete Kane comicography can be found on the following pages:

Book 1: Greetings from New Eden
Book 2: Rabbit Hunt
Book 3: Histories
Book 4: Thirty Ninth
Book 5: The Untouchable Rico Costas and other Short Stories
Book 6: Partners
The Series