One Shots and misc Concrete stuff

For completionists, here is a listing of Concrete books that contain only short stories reprinted (and listed) somewhere else. Further down some Concrete merchandise.

Concrete Celebrates Earth Day 1990

A 48-page special with two new and one reprinted Concrete short stories (see there for details). Also included in the only Conrete book in 1990 was the 4-page story Earth Streams by Charles Vess and the 23-page story The Still Planet by Moebius.

Earth Day Special


To bridge the time between two miniseries Paul Chadwick released two issues with two short stories, a lot of misc material and the start of an irregular backup feature, 100 Horrors. Both Concrete stories are among the best of the whole series. The second one, I Strive For Realism, a fine departure from the "realistic" approach, earned an Eisner nomination.

Eclectica #1  VSPACE=

Concrete Hero Special

This was a supplement to an issue of the now-defunct Hero Illustrated. It contained the 8-page story Moving A Big Rock which consisted of 6 pages from Concrete: Think Like A Mountain #4, released a year later, and a different 2-page framing sequence.

Hero Special

Paul Chadwick: Fantasy Art Trading Cards

A 90-card set with paintings by Paul Chadwick, among them some Concrete cards. Released 1995 by FPG.
I guess they are pretty much out of print, but I have some smaller sets left (even with Concrete cards). Check them out on German ebay, or contact me directly.

Fantasy Cards

Fifty Concrete Watercolors

A 50-card set with watercolor paintings of scenes from and with Concrete. Released November 1996 by Dark Horse.

Concrete Cards