These comics tell the story of one Alec McGarry who can be seen as Eddie Campbell's fictional alter ego. Most of the stories have an autobiographical background. The early story arcs deal with pub life as a young geezer, later ones tell how he got started as a comic book artist and how life is when one is approaching his forties. Alec is the stuff Eddie Campbell has been producing since the early days of his career, and seems to remain the focus of his work. The stories are listed in order of the chronology of Alec McGarrys life.
Everything is kept in print in 4 volumes: Currently there are no plans to reprint the Ace stories and Eddie's framing sequence from The Dead Muse, but some of them could eventually show up in Eddie's small press reprint book somewhere in the future.

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1 The King Canute Crowd
2 How To Be An Artist
3a Graffiti Kitchen
3b Little Italy
3c The Dance Of Lifey Death
4 After The Snooter
The Fate of the Artist

The Ace Rock'n'Roll Club
The Dead Muse
Misc Alec